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Examples of PTA spending planned for 2018-19:

  • Field trips - $5,000
  • After Schools Clubs - $2,800
  • Educational and Cultural Programming (assemblies) - $6,350
  • Staff Appreciation - $2,000
  • Beautification/Pond - $750
  • Classroom and Specials Support - $3,500
  • Student and Family Support - $3,675
  • PTA Community Events - $3,400


Thank You  Sponsors!

Montgomery Knolls & Pine Crest Fun Runs


A Message From Erin Byrnes, MKPC PTA Fun Run Co-Chair/PCES Fun Run Chair

Last week, the breezy, sunny morning and positive energy from 500 students and adults in our PCES community made for a community-building, safe, and joyful Fun Run at Pine Crest!

To hold the Fun Run, the MKPC PTA received generous sponsorship from the following: Geico; PM Pediatrics; Cari Jordan of Go Brent Team Realtors; and Einstein Brothers Bagels. We thank Target for our water donation; MacMannes for our Fun Run tee shirts; and El Golfo for hosting a dine out for our Fun Runs.


I share my deepest gratitude with the following wonderful people:

Jason Orsin, veteran Fun Run lead volunteer, whose leadership and exceptional coaching skills motivated students, kept us on schedule, and truly made the Fun Run fun!

Our dedicated volunteers at the Fun Run without whom it would not be possible: Michelle Bonner; Kathleen Dobson; Karen Durland; Andrea Hickman; Lisa Pfeiffer; Luisa Ramirez; Joanna Silver; Gladys Chi; Mina Seat; and Kevin Swenson. Special thanks to the following veteran Fun Run volunteers whose 4 years of experience with the event has been so valuable in establishing a safe running track, guiding students and teachers, and ushering in new volunteers: Lois Kelly; Robin Palmer; Lauren Schulz; Cathy Schultz; and Sandy Schultz.

Marlo Brown, PCES PE Teacher, whose guidance, equipment, and preparation kept our students safe and having fun throughout their run.

Christina Cervera, MKPC PTA Fun Run Co-chair, who is responsible for the fantastic Fun Run tee shirts (that are also free spirit wear and a prize for all students), and who has put her heart and hard work into the Fun Run since June.

Erin Goldthorpe, PTA Vice President and talented graphic designer, who worked tirelessly on the beautiful, original artwork featured on our tee shirt, and who also volunteered at the Fun Run.

Elise Lee, our PTA Treasurer, who has diligently undertaken the complex tracking of Fun Run donations.

Rachael Sondak, PTA Corresponding Secretary, who has consistently communicated our Fun Run updates with the MKPC community.

Thank you to Ms. Booker, who supported this event and ran alongside the students, encouraging them; Mr. Young, who ensured that we had everything we needed for the event; all Building Services staff for providing the necessary equipment; the spectacular PCES classroom teachers who helped prepare the students for the event and participated with them; and PCES specialists who joined us or provided coverage in the building during the Fun Run. Finally, we thank the students for their positive attitudes and behavior and the effort shown in their run, as well as their fundraising thus far - thank you to parents who have helped with fundraising! It’s a pleasure to be part of this community!

-           Erin Byrnes, MKPC PTA Fun Run Co-Chair/PCES Fun Run Chair